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WOW Tour Philippines 2019

It’s back by popular demand and better than ever. The World Of Wonder Tour Philippines 2019. There are so many sites we will be visiting. This is an active trip. Diving, sightseeing, cultural activities and more. Learn more by clicking on the image above. WOW     … Read entire article »

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Submit news worthy event for 1000’s to see

So you believe you have something that is publishable? Are you privileged to new that is currently happening or worthy event occurring in your area that you would like to share? Send your story or news to Our Master Editor will review your submission. Candidates submissions of events and news are reviewed my the Master Editor and any submission chosen is then sent to the Chief Editor. If the Editor in Chief likes your submission, we may contact you for further details and publish your story/news on Subjects submitted should be related to ocean awareness, conservation or local events yet can be any subject if related to water, fresh or salt. For example: Diver finds lost ship, or whales found offshore, turtles begin breeding, and so on. They can be a long time … Read entire article »

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ScubaExtreme 2012 Annual Manatee Trip

email ScubaExtreme … Read entire article »

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Cozumel September 2011

In September 2011, a team of divers visited Cozumel Mexico. Our goal was many fold. We all arrived Saturday the 3rd except for one diver who arrives Sept. 1st and departed on the 5th, while the remaining departed Sept 10, 2011. Our first full day was dedidcated to vsiting and hopefully getting into the water wih Whale Sharks. Our Second day (9/5) was spent hunting and harvesting Lionfish and the evening consuming them, ceveche style, kabobed and fried. The ceveche style was my favorite. Had a slght reaction to the toxin which made my throat swell slightly. The feeling was like the tiny bones found in anchivies. I recovered a few days later… Wednesday Afternoon I spend diving with the Marine Park Services hunting and filming lionfish for a documentary, separate from … Read entire article »

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Cozumel Lionfish and Whaleshark Expeditions + More

You are invited to join a group of divers on a number of expeditions September 3-10, 2011. The adventure begins Saturday September 3rd when you arrive on the island of Cozumel Mexico. Your all expense paid package includes an all inclusive week of 8 days, 7 nights hotel with meals and drinks, plus 10 dives. Sunday we are offering an all inclusive adventure to the whaleshark migration. This is an all day event where we shuttle over to the mainland and are brought up north to the boats to be shuttled out to locate migrating whalesharks. You will have the opportunity to get into the water an film the majestic creatures and they feed and migrate. You are then brought to an island where we will enjoy a delicious lunch before heading back to Cozumel. Monday offers an opportunity … Read entire article »

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Divetalking looking for experienced contributors

Divetalking is looking for individuals experienced in all things related to the ocean to be experienced contributors to Divetalking. This could be dive professionals who would like to contribute their experiences on techniques, videographers who would like to share their must knows and how to’s. Marine Scientists, biologists, research members and so forth on field observations and studies, artifacts hunters. Any topic that is water and marine related is needed. There are a lot of resources out in the minds of experienced individuals and Divetalking is looking for contributions from anyone willing to spend the time sharing their knowledge and experiences so that others may learn from them. It doesn’t matter what the subject is as long as it relates to our world oceans. With your help and contributions, we can make … Read entire article »

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Lionfish & Whaleshark Expeditions Invitation

Divetalking is hosting an Expedition to film and document on the subjects Lionfish and Whale Sharks September 3-10, 2011. During the week, three Lionfish Expeditions are planned, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings, to film the harvesting of lionfish. Divetalking has opened up opportunities for individuals to participate in one, two or all three expeditions. Spots have been reserved for up to 8 divers per expedition and are assigned on a first come first serve basis. Participation in  the expedition provides you with first hand experience managing the harvesting of lionfish. Any and all harvested lionfish will be consumed for an evening dinner, which is included in the expedition price. Also included is a lionfish cookbook. On the day of your lionfish expedition we start with a briefing on identifying lionfish, approach, spear or corral the … Read entire article »

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Underwater Photography / Videography Cozumel 9/5-6/2011

  Lionfish and Whaleshark Expeditions September 3-10, 2011 If you are not interested in the Lionfish and/or Whaleshark Expeditions, I am offering the opportunity to attend a photographic and videographic course lasting two days. During this time you will be introduced to methods that will help you produce the best shots and/or video. Please Contact Larry with your interest and I will fill you in with the details. 9/3 – Saturday Arrival 9/4 – Sunday  Whaleshark – ALL DAY 9/5 – Monday  Lionfish AM / Photography/videography Deep Diving PM 9/6 – Tuesday Lionfish AM / Photography/videography Diving PM 9/7 – Wednesday Lionfish AM / Drift Diving PM 9/8 – Thursday Diving AM / Drift Diving PM 9/9 – Friday Cenote Diving AM / Off Gasing PM 9/10 – Saturday Depart … Read entire article »

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