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Artificial Reef Resources

Artificial Reef Research Handbook

Artificial reef construction is largely a result of volunteer efforts. The Artificial Reef Research Dives Handbook aides in Properly training sport divers to assist in reef building and monitoring by providing feedback information and documentation. Volunteer reef research divers can provide a valuable public service, not otherwise available from state or academic institutions, by establishing their own reef research, monitoring and documentation projects and storing this information in a publicly accessible reef data archive. The purpose of this handbook is to provide background information and guidelines for sport divers (1) to gather information about their community’s artificial reefs; (2) to document and store this information; and (3) to communicate their observations in a credible fashion.

The Managers Guide to Coral Reef Restoration Planning and Management supports the needs of reef managers seeking to begin restoration or assess their current restoration program. Based on global best practices—and tested with managers from Hawaii, Guam, American Samoa, and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands—the Guide was developed for reef managers and practitioners, and anyone who plans, implements, and monitors restoration activities.
As managers embark on restoration activities to combat reef degradation and enhance resilience, careful planning is required to improve the chances that restoration will be successful. Effective planning includes working with local experts, stakeholders, and decision-makers to determine how, when, and where restoration will be conducted, and how it can complement existing coral reef conservation and management strategies.
Together with a suite of tools and templates, the Guide maps out a six-step, iterative process to help users gather relevant data, ask critical questions, and have important conversations about restoration in their location. Use of the Guide culminates in the creation a Restoration Action Plan to enhance reef resilience and recovery.

The NSGL is the digital library and official archive for NOAA’s Sea Grant documents.

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