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My Shark Brief – Cay Sal Banks Bahamas

It has been a few years since I’ve visited Cay Sal Banks, Bahamas. Since Nekton closed it doors, finding a suitable organization that can provide the accommodations and amenities to live comfortably for a week is difficult. I have visited Cay Sal Banks three times. The Cay Sal Banks contains the highest number of blue holes anywhere in the world. My first two visits to Cay Sal was just to dive. I was not into UW Video or Photography, as I am today. The last time I visited Cal Sal, 2009 I brought my HD UW Video rig along to film the sharks. The first two visits, the variety and abundance of sharks was impressive. To be in the water with sharks swimming all around you, some skimming over your head by … Read entire article »

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Indonesia 2012

The trip began on a Thursday, May 03, 2012. 24 hours later + 1 day (due to crossing over the international date line) I arrive in Indonesia. Saturday May 5, 2012 making my way from the airport to Lembah the trip was an experience. Cars zooming around motorcyclist, pedestrians skirting vehicles and vehicles dodging potholes. We reach the boat and are whisked off to the island where the hotel resides. Home for the next 7 days. Here is a short presentation of just a small number of photos I captured during the two weeks in Indonesia. [xr_video id=”434ea5a964bd42c8b17d2187f3f668fc” size=”md”] [nggallery id=43]   … Read entire article »

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Director James Cameron prepares for a seven-mile solo

Avatar director James Cameron sets sights on another mysterious world – as he prepares for a seven-mile solo dive to the bottom of Pacific’s Mariana trench Aims to be first human to visit bottom since January 1960 Solo submersible so cramped he can’t move his arms First of several competing missions to deepest point on Earth By Rob Waugh Avatar director James Cameron is preparing for an attempt to be first human being in 50 years to visit the deepest point on Earth – the bottom of the Mariana Trench, seven miles down in the Pacific. The director will start his attempt ‘within weeks’ – becoming the first of at least four teams racing to the ocean floor, an icy, alien environment with pressures 1,000 times higher than the surface. Many liken the journey to man’s … Read entire article »

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Claims of finding DECO

Today, Sunday February 26, 2012 a first person report of DECO, the Great White begin spotted in Ginnie Springs. The report today came in from the Divers Supply Jacksonville Dive Club. The post reads: “Kim Fair DECO lives!!!   First congratulations to Derrick and Daniel on successfully completing the rigors of the Rescue Diver course!!  After completing RESCUE Checkout scenarios, a foray was made into the ballroom to search for the elusive Great White.  We were not prepared  to record our encounter, but after searching through out the cavern, DECO was found peering out prepared to pounce on unsuspecting divers.  Our group remained calm and slowly backed out to the safety of the surface.  DECO is there!!!” “ “Larry Davis Congratulations! Sounds like you found her. I will present awards at the team meeting for each of the … Read entire article »

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Mexico Dec. 22-31/2011

I start on my way to Orlando at around 6pm EST after making a stop at the dive shop to pick up some more goodies to take to Mexico. I made it to the Wyndham hotel on International drive at around 9:30. This is a nice hotel. Here are some pictures of my room and the view from my room. As I was driving south towards Orlando, I noticed the temperature my dive bag (that would be my Toyota Tundra) was displaying was going up. It was getting hotter outside. At 9:30 pm it was reading 73 degrees F outside. Sweet, I think. But I’m heading to Mexico and the weather for this week shows to be in the 80’s. What a way to spend the Christmas holidays… Diving!!! 🙂 My flight … Read entire article »

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Paradise Springs Dec 17, 2011

Today I visited Paradise Springs. I arrive at 7:55 to find the gate open. I drive up to the house to check in. I am asked “Do you have a dive buddy?” I answer ‘No.’ I am now told no solo diving in Paradise Springs. Bong! After a 2.5 hour drive, I can’t be the first in the water to take pictures, before it gets all silted up. So what do I do? I wait for other divers to arrive and while waiting, I get suited up in the dry suit, finish setting up the camera and chat with the owner. Then, at last, a vehicle with two divers drive up. I jump in my truck and head down at the site before the owner could blink. It takes me about … Read entire article »

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Ginnie Springs Dec 10, 2011

Here are a few pictures taken at Ginnie Springs, December 10, 2011     … Read entire article »

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Converging Concepts 3D

For the last 30 years Marty and Barb Mueller (MSM Design INC.) have been creating fresh solutions to the design and building of motion picture cameras. After winning recognition from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Fulfilling a dream of building 3D cameras for space and then creating a smaller lighter 3D film camera for terrestrial projects, they took a break. Ideas though don’t seem to go on vacation. After a conversation with long time collaborator Sean Phillips, design began on a new light weight, electronically precise adjustable, 3D Rig. Versatile in its controls and the ability to mount many different digital cameras, the new CC3D-GEN I will meet the needs of the creative 3D Filmmaker. Its user friendly, like the people who built it! 12 Reasons You Will … Read entire article »

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