Cozumel September 2011

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In September 2011, a team of divers visited Cozumel Mexico. Our goal was many fold. We all arrived Saturday the 3rd except for one diver who arrives Sept. 1st and departed on the 5th, while the remaining departed Sept 10, 2011.

Our first full day was dedidcated to vsiting and hopefully getting into the water wih Whale Sharks.
Our Second day (9/5) was spent hunting and harvesting Lionfish and the evening consuming them, ceveche style, kabobed and fried. The ceveche style was my favorite. Had a slght reaction to the toxin which made my throat swell slightly. The feeling was like the tiny bones found in anchivies. I recovered a few days later… Wednesday Afternoon I spend diving with the Marine Park Services hunting and filming lionfish for a documentary, separate from this mini you are about to watch. and Friday, our last full day was spend traveling to Play Del Carmen to make two dives in the cenotos famous for their haloclines. (It also served as a gear rinse :-))

I have tried to upload the lastest rendition but the upload constantly fails. I have uploaded the original rentiion of a video of our trip to Cozumel by a team of divers. Note, this is pre-final and the final rendition is being sent to those who made the request for a copy. I hope you enjoy the 34 minute mini of our week long expeditions.

[xr_video id=”4427ce62744e42bf8ce3a4bf80a8967b” size=”md”]

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