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DEMA 2020 in New Orleans Announcement

DEMA 2020 in New Orleans Announcement

The DEMA Board of Directors has determined that, for the safety and financial well-being of DEMA Attendees and Exhibitors, DEMA Show 2020 will not take place this November in New Orleans. DEMA Show 2020 Exhibitors who have made a payment(s) toward their exhibit space can specify, by submitting the form below, which of the following options they would prefer in regards to these funds. The following options are for exhibitors who have already made payments towards … Read entire article »

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Lionfish workshops throughout the Southeast United States

Lionfish workshops throughout the Southeast United States

Greetings Lionfish Enthusiasts! As part of our efforts to address the lionfish invasion to the western Atlantic, REEF received a grant from the US Fish and Wildlife Service Aquatic Invasive Species Program to organize and lead lionfish workshops throughout the Southeast United States. Workshop topics include background of the invasion, lionfish biology, ecological impacts, current research findings, market development, and ways to get involved, with an emphasis on safe collecting and handling tools and techniques. We have … Read entire article »

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DEMA Show 2013 – Orange County Convention Center – Orlando Florida

DEMA Show 2012 saw four fantastic show days with thousands of people flooding the aisles of the exhibit hall which features hundreds of exhibits all dedicated to the diving, action watersports and travel industries. Mark your calendars for DEMA Show 2013, November 6-9 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. DEMA Show has gone mobile!  Click here to view event details, the floor plan and show specials on your mobile device. ATTENDEE        EXHIBITOR    MEDIA     FLOOR PLAN     FEATURES   HOTELS    REGISTRATION   About DEMA Show                 About DEMA                    Join DEMA Sponsors                                Show Floor                       Seminars Register                                  Book Hotel                       Contact Us Produced by DEMA, The Diving Equipment & Marketing Association Toll Free: (800)-862-3483 Phone: (858)-616-6108 Fax: (858)-616-6495 Email: 313 South Patrick Street Alexandria, VA 22314 Managed by National Trade Productions (NTP) Toll Free: (800)-687-7469 Phone: (703)-683-8500 Fax: … Read entire article »

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Submit news worthy event for 1000’s to see

So you believe you have something that is publishable? Are you privileged to new that is currently happening or worthy event occurring in your area that you would like to share? Send your story or news to Our Master Editor will review your submission. Candidates submissions of events and news are reviewed my the Master Editor and any submission chosen is then sent to the Chief Editor. If the Editor in Chief likes your submission, we may contact you for further details and publish your story/news on Subjects submitted should be related to ocean awareness, conservation or local events yet can be any subject if related to water, fresh or salt. For example: Diver finds lost ship, or whales found offshore, turtles begin breeding, and so on. They can be a long time … Read entire article »

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The Blue Wild Ocean Adventure Expo in Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Join the fun with PADI Americas at The Blue Wild Ocean Adventure Expo in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, USA. This year’s show features informative seminars, hands-on workshops, marine art and a photo/video contest – all in addition to an exhibition floor with the latest dive gear and travel information. The Blue Wild offers a fun, informative weekend, perfect for divers of any level and anyone who loves the underwater world: Visit exhibitors showcasing dive equipment, education, travel and environmental conservation. Learn as expert speakers share their knowledge in a variety of fields, from reef conservation to dive rescue. Hone your underwater photo and video skills, learn about adaptive scuba and more at a variety of daily workshops offered throughout the weekend. Stop by PADI booth #509 to discover ScubaEarth™, your interactive community for scuba divers … Read entire article »

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Registration Now Open for 2013 NW Florida Artificial Reef Workshop February 19 – 20, 2013 in Niceville, Florida

An exciting new event is coming to our area. Northwest Florida’s first Artificial Reef Workshop since 2006 will be held February 19 – 20, 2013 at the Niceville Community Center. The community center is centrally located in the Panhandle and located at 204 N Partin Dr, Niceville, FL 32578. Sessions and guest speakers will provide the latest information regarding Reef Designs, Artificial Reefs and Fisheries Management, Monitoring Tools, Artificial Reef Construction Issues in Inshore and Nearshore State Waters, The Economic Benefits and Impacts of Artificial Reefs in NW Florida, and other artificial reef topics of local interest. The evening of February 19th there will be an Evening Expo.  At this Expo booths and information will be provided by the Mexico Beach Artificial Reef Association, Emerald Coast Reef Association, Florida Sea Grant, … Read entire article »

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Scuba Show Long Beach Calf June 8-9, 2013

We hope you will join us at SCUBA Show 2013, in its 26th year. The dates are June 8-9 at the beautiful Long Beach Convention Center. 76,000 square feet of exhibit space will host hundreds of diving companies and resorts from around the world. Experts will talk about and display the latest diving equipment, beautiful and exciting dive travel destinations, dive education, underwater photography and much more. There will be special guests, dozens of fun and educational seminars, tens of thousands of dollars in door prizes, live California seafood cooking demonstrations and a continuous film festival on a three-story screen. And with audience participation, a famous marine artist will create a large work of art that will be auctioned at the end for charity. Buy Tickets … Read entire article »

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Dive and Travel Expo – Tacoma and Santa Clara

Tacoma Attendees The Northwest Dive & Travel Expo 2013 will take place this year at the Greater Tacoma Convention & Trade Center April 20 & 21 2013 and this year the expo is offering visitors more information, more dive industry connections and more fun! Santa Clara Attendees The Northern California Dive & Travel Expo 2013 will take place this year at the Santa Clara Convention Center May 4 & 5, 2013. With the first year gone, and a resounding success, we are looking forward to the second year of this unique show … Read entire article »

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