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Lionfish & Whaleshark Expeditions Invitation

Divetalking is hosting an Expedition to film and document on the subjects Lionfish and Whale Sharks September 3-10, 2011.

During the week, three Lionfish Expeditions are planned, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings, to film the harvesting of lionfish. Divetalking has opened up opportunities for individuals to participate in one, two or all three expeditions. Spots have been reserved for up to 8 divers per expedition and are assigned on a first come first serve basis. Participation in  the expedition provides you with first hand experience managing the harvesting of lionfish. Any and all harvested lionfish will be consumed for an evening dinner, which is included in the expedition price. Also included is a lionfish cookbook.

On the day of your lionfish expedition we start with a briefing on identifying lionfish, approach, spear or corral the lionfish into your catch bag. During the hunt, Divetalking’s videographer will be filming the whole event. Returning to the boat, during our surface interval, or after the dives we will demonstrate the proper handing to prepare the lionfish for consumption, that evening.

The biggest and abundance of lionfish are found deep. Advanced certification and deep certification and deep experience highly recommended. 100cf tanks are available should you desire.

Other events planned for the week is a trip to Holbox for a 2 1/2 hour snorkle with Whale Sharks. This Expedition takes place on Sunday only and is an all day event. Your trip begins with a ferry ride to Play Del Carmen. We then shuttle towards Cancun to catch a ride to Holbox. Snacks and refreshments are available during this portion of the trip. After the 2 1/2 snorkeling with migrating whale sharks, we return to the island for lunch, then a boat ride back to the mainland, back to Play Del Carmen and the ferry ride back to Cozumel, returning at around 8-9pm.

Being a Sunday, the evening at Central Plaza has island citizen enjoying the evening with music, plays and other fun and entertaining activities. This occurs only on Sundays and is highly recommended not to miss the experience. Since we arrive at the docks downtown Cozumel in the evening, dinner is just off the docks at a Palmeras.

There are PADI specialty classes being offered and conducted Monday through Thursday. A night dive is planned as well, more if we have enough interested parties to attend.

Friday, morning for those not ocean diving I have lined up a special cenote dive on the mainland. Two cenote dives are planned this morning. One of the two locations is being kept secret to keep the element of surprise. I dove this particular cenote a few years ago and that  dive has never left my mind. I can tell you that don’t be the one that doesn’t go and listen to those that did, then wish you had gone. That’s all I am going to say about that dive. The rest of the afternoon is available for you to do what ever. No dive is planned for Friday afternoon to allow for off gassing, cleaning and drying of equipment and spending some island time site seeing.

Friday evening there is dinner planned at Casa Mission. An old nuns home. The restaurant sits on beautiful grounds. After the sun sets and the landscaping lights come on, the scenery is beautiful and magentic. A great way to end your trip in Cozumel. So bring a camera to dinner with you.

In fact, carry a camera everywhere.

If you are interested in this trip and would like to learn more about pricing, please write or call me by clicking here.

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Hope to have you join us.


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