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Dive for fun April 24, 2010 Blue Grotto

Saturday, April 24 I will be at Blue Grotto diving and picnicing with fellow divers and friends.
If you are available to join us this day, shoot me an email and I’ll add you to the list. Hope to see you there.


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3 Responses to "Dive for fun April 24, 2010 Blue Grotto"

  1. Dave Hill says:

    It was indeed a Great day. Water was perfect, the company was excellent and fun was had by all.

    Sorry to hear about camera rig leaking hopefully, it will be something simple.

    A great day all in all. Onto the next one.

  2. lars2923 says:

    Awesome day! We had a total of five divers and eleven people show up for todays outing. The weather was as predicted. Beautiful.
    Warm and sunny. The grotto wasn’t messed up that bad today. Made three dives, all to the bottom. My deepest depth recorded today was 94 feet. I dove Nitrox all day. Between 27 and 32 % with 32 %being my first and 2nd dive. I carried my new housing and camera and started recording. Near the end of the dive I notice water in the housing. I was on the safety stop and went up. The second dive I carried the housing only after replacing the o-ring to the wide angle lens and I still had water penetrate the housing. Looks like I got some spanin to do. 🙂 In between dives, we all mingled and swam, played horse shoes and networked. Now, after returning home, unpacking the Tundra of all its cargo, and showering, I’m off to Outback Steakhouse for dinner with two of todays divers.


  3. admin says:

    It’s 5:30AM. The truck is almost packed. Just have the refrigerated food remaining. Waiting on T’s call and off we go, picking up people along the way. Todays weather shows sunny skys and mid 80’s. Perfect day to relax outdoors.
    I packed my NEW video camera and housing and lights to test out today. I don’t expect to get a lot in the grotto but it will feel good to be holding one again.


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