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ScubaExtreme 3rd annual Rainbow & Crystal River Drift/Manatee trip

ScubaExtreme is proud to present its 3rd annual Rainbow River Drift Dive and Snorkeling with the Manatees trip. The trip begins Saturday January 29th and ends Sunday January 30th, 2011.

Saturday is our Rainbow River Drift Dive. We will enter at KP Hole, be shuttled up river and placed approx one hour from our exit, KP Hole. Food and refreshments will follow.

We then head to our hotel, check in, clean up and do what ever pleases you the rest of the evening. When you wake up Sunday morning, we head to Crystal River in seach of Manatees. Here you may have the opportunity to get in the water and swim with manatees. Last years trip was a blast and full of manatees.

If you are a diver, you may dive at this location into a small cavern found below. It’s an interesting dive and one to do at least once. So bring a light, warm socks and your mask.

Contact ScubaExtreme to reserve your spots.

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here is a small clip of last years trip

[xr_video id=”7928ea4883a64792a2fcdd568deb2083″ size=”sm”]

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