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Revolution – A must see. Rent or Buy your copy now

Yekra Player Yekra is a revolutionary new distribution network for feature films. Revolution Revolution is a feature documentary about opening your eyes, changing the world and fighting for something. A true life adventure following director Rob Stewart in the follow up to his hit Sharkwater, Revolution is an epic adventure into the evolution of life on earth and the revolution to save us.Discovering that there’s more in jeopardy than sharks, Stewart uncovers a grave secret threatening our own survival as a species, and embarks on a life-threatening adventure through 4 years and 15 countries into the greatest battle ever waged. Bringing you some of the most incredible wildlife spectacles ever recorded, audiences are brought face to face with sharks and cuddly lemurs, into the microscopic world of the pygmy seahorse, and on the hunt … Read entire article »

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Manatees Are Dying In Droves, Florida Says ‘Too Bad’

A record number of endangered manatees are dying in Florida’s algae-choked waterways. So far this year, 582 manatees have died, more year-to-date than any year on record, according to preliminary numbers from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC). Pat Rose is an aquatic biologist and the executive director of the Save the Manatee Club, an organization devoted to preserving the animal. In his interview with TakePart, Rose reports the estimated minimum population of these gentle beasts is only 3,100 adults. That means their population has decreased by more than 10 percent in just four months. A total of 247 of these have died in the southwest of the state due to an explosion of a red-hued algae called Karenia brevis, also known as a red tide. This pesky microorganism produces neurotoxins … Read entire article »

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Submit news worthy event for 1000’s to see

So you believe you have something that is publishable? Are you privileged to new that is currently happening or worthy event occurring in your area that you would like to share? Send your story or news to Our Master Editor will review your submission. Candidates submissions of events and news are reviewed my the Master Editor and any submission chosen is then sent to the Chief Editor. If the Editor in Chief likes your submission, we may contact you for further details and publish your story/news on Subjects submitted should be related to ocean awareness, conservation or local events yet can be any subject if related to water, fresh or salt. For example: Diver finds lost ship, or whales found offshore, turtles begin breeding, and so on. They can be a long time … Read entire article »

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Recreational Use of Artificial Reefs Contributes $253 Million to Six Florida Counties

By: Michelle Klug Many Floridians and visiting tourists enjoy the crystal blue waters that provide sunny days of fishing, diving and leisure time. Researchers have found that popular boating destinations are the artificial reefs that have been built around Florida. Artificial reefs attract locals and tourists alike, pulling in $253 million to six Florida counties in one year, as well as providing habitat for sealife. These infrastructures are built using man-made materials such as concrete blocks, tires, PVC piping, old sunken ships or sunken oil rigs. They provide a habitat for an array of algae, coral, fish and shellfish, as well as preventing erosion. IFAS researcher Bob Swett and his team investigated the economic impact artificial reefs provide, as well as who is using the reefs and what components are generating economic profit … Read entire article »

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ScubaExtreme 2012 Annual Manatee Trip

email ScubaExtreme … Read entire article »

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Mermaids and Manatees with ScubaExtreme

I was just reviewing some of my videos and came across this one, [xr_video id=”c82ab39ed42f48d7abd0540998b0ebd7″ size=”md”] Manatees are such beautiful creatures. Look at the interaction the little one gave and love to have. Rolling over to have its belly rubbed. You can sense the feelings and emotions they have and the experience of being in the water and having one appoach ‘you’ for interaction is unforgettable. Once you do this you are connected for life and got to love them. The season for manatee interaction is approching fast and January will be here before you know it. Thinking of a gift to share with someone, emai, follow the link Scuba Extreme Adventure Sports & Travel, call (904) 269-8021 or come by for more info and to sign up. Once you do this, you’re hooked.   … Read entire article »

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Making It Count — June 2011

Please support REEF and the critical work we do by donating generously. Making It Count – June 2011 Support Marine Conservation and Your Donation Will Be Doubled By Paul Humann, REEF Board of Trustees During our Summer Fundraising Campaign, we reach out to you, our valued members, and ask for your financial support. Your contribution will ensure that our important marine conservation work can continue. Donations made during the campaign will be matched dollar for dollar by the Curtis and Edith Munson Foundation, doubling the impact of your support. You can donate securely online at, mail your donation to REEF at PO Box 246, Key Largo, FL 33037, or call us at 305-852-0030. REEF is making a difference in the marine environment. We strive to … Read entire article »

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Divetalking looking for experienced contributors

Divetalking is looking for individuals experienced in all things related to the ocean to be experienced contributors to Divetalking. This could be dive professionals who would like to contribute their experiences on techniques, videographers who would like to share their must knows and how to’s. Marine Scientists, biologists, research members and so forth on field observations and studies, artifacts hunters. Any topic that is water and marine related is needed. There are a lot of resources out in the minds of experienced individuals and Divetalking is looking for contributions from anyone willing to spend the time sharing their knowledge and experiences so that others may learn from them. It doesn’t matter what the subject is as long as it relates to our world oceans. With your help and contributions, we can make … Read entire article »

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REEF – Making it count – March 2011

Making It Count – March 2011 Putting It to Work: Who’s Using REEF Data, March 2011 By Christy Pattengill-Semmens, Ph.D., Director of Science Every month, scientists, government agencies, and other groups request raw data from REEF’s Fish Survey Project database. Here is a sampling of who has asked for REEF data recently and what they are using it for: – An educator and researcher from the University of Connecticut is using data as part of a field science class. His students will use the data to evaluate fish populations in advance of their field coursework. – A postdoc from the Smithsonian Marine Station at Fort Pierce is using data from Stetson Bank in the Gulf of Mexico (part of the Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary) to evaluate changes … Read entire article »

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ScubaExtreme 3rd Annual Rainbow and Crystal River trip 2011

Here are some pictures from our weekend trip. … Read entire article »

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ScubaExtreme 3rd annual Rainbow & Crystal River Drift/Manatee trip

ScubaExtreme is proud to present its 3rd annual Rainbow River Drift Dive and Snorkeling with the Manatees trip. The trip begins Saturday January 29th and ends Sunday January 30th, 2011. Saturday is our Rainbow River Drift Dive. We will enter at KP Hole, be shuttled up river and placed approx one hour from our exit, KP Hole. Food and refreshments will follow. We then head to our hotel, check in, clean up and do what ever pleases you the rest of the evening. When you wake up Sunday morning, we head to Crystal River in seach of Manatees. Here you may have the opportunity to get in the water and swim with manatees. Last years trip was a blast and full of manatees. If you are a diver, you may dive at this location … Read entire article »

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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from … Read entire article »

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Merry Christmas from Scuba Extreme

[singlepic id=83 w=420 h=340 float=] … Read entire article »

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Making It Count – December 2010

As 2010 comes to a close, please remember REEF in your year-end giving. For those members who have already contributed during our Fall Fundraising Campaign, a big thank you! If you haven’t yet, donate today using our secure online form, call REEF HQ at 305-852-0030, or mail in your donation to REEF, PO Box 246, Key Largo, FL 33037. Members who donate $250 or more will receive a limited, signed, and numbered print from REEF co-founder and renowned underwater photographer, Paul Humann. This year’s print is of a beautiful coral grouper. Happy holidays and a peaceful new year to you all.       Putting It to Work: Who’s Using REEF Data, December 2010 By Christy Pattengill-Semmens, Director of Science Every month, scientists, government agencies, and other groups request raw data from REEF’s Fish Survey Project database. Here is … Read entire article »

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Manatees with Dr. Quinton White

Last night I attended a presentation on the subject of Manatees. Though I live in Florida and Florida has manatees, the subject covered the Florida manatees as well as manatee sightings around the globe. In the pictures are Dr. Quinton White. Subject were very informative and kept me drawn into the slide presentation as well as the information being passed onto the audience. For example, a comparison of population growth during warm water vs. hour of light. Temperature follows hours of light. What was displayed were graphs which depicting the occurrence of  population growth during longer daylight hours as well as an increase in water temperature. The graph displayed both equally, yet temperature showed a slight delay when compared to the light hours. Here is the link to the Jacksonville University Marine … Read entire article »

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