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Poseidon Diving Systems Introducing the POSEIDON SE7EN   [singlepic id=985 w= h= float=center] GET CLOSER TO MARINE LIFE  MUCH MORE TIME UNDERWATER   PATENTED SAFETY TECHNOLOGY   PLUG AND PLAY   EXPANDABLE SYSTEM (REC & TECH OPTIONS)   PROVEN PERFORMANCE     The POSEIDON SE7EN comes with a great range of options, accessories and upgrades. Fully customizable, the next generation rebreather can be configured as a recreational rebreather or a full-spec, 100M-rated technical rebreather         We would like to hear from you! If you have any suggestions please let us know by Emailing Suzette!   We would like to know … Read entire article »

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Diving related Organizations

There are a number of scuba and related organizations around the world. Most of them have high standards and provide comprehensive diver training. Is there enough difference that it really matters which on you are certified through? The agencies around the world pretty much meet the same basic standard for open water scuba instruction. Open water courses include a syllabus of diving theory (physics, physiology, and so on) along with practical skills. Classroom or homework supports the student whether a rookie or experienced diver who is looking for more. Some agencies allow leave the number of lecture hours and pool sessions at the instructor’s discretion. Also, it is not uncommon to see some instructors exceed an agency’s minimum standards. In my humble opinion being restricted to teach just the minimum, no more, … Read entire article »

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Submit news worthy event for 1000’s to see

So you believe you have something that is publishable? Are you privileged to new that is currently happening or worthy event occurring in your area that you would like to share? Send your story or news to Our Master Editor will review your submission. Candidates submissions of events and news are reviewed my the Master Editor and any submission chosen is then sent to the Chief Editor. If the Editor in Chief likes your submission, we may contact you for further details and publish your story/news on Subjects submitted should be related to ocean awareness, conservation or local events yet can be any subject if related to water, fresh or salt. For example: Diver finds lost ship, or whales found offshore, turtles begin breeding, and so on. They can be a long time … Read entire article »

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Widow Blames Scuba Gear for Death of National Geographic Filmmaker Wes Skiles

Widow Blames Scuba Gear for Death of National Geographic Filmmaker Wes Skiles By MARIMER MATOS WEST PALM BEACH (CN) – Well-known National Geographic filmmaker Wesley Skiles drowned while shooting underwater because his Dive Rite scuba gear malfunctioned, his widow claims in Palm Beach County Court. Terri Skiles claims that Dive Rite knew its oxygen monitoring system had a propensity to malfunction because it had been recalled multiple times, but Dive Rite ignored “serious quality control issues” and tampered with the scuba equipment evidence after the fatality. Terri Skiles sued Lamartek Inc. dba Dive Rite; Dive Gear Express LLC fka Dive Rite Express; Fill Express LLC aka Dive Rite Express; Mark E. Derrick; Juergensen Marine Inc. and Analytical Industries Inc. She alleges negligence, strict liability, breach of warranty, conspiracy to spoliate evidence, and civil conspiracy. Terri Skiles … Read entire article »

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Hollis Gear acquires Recreational Rebreather design from VR Technology

At DEMA 2011 in Orlando Florida, Hollis Gear will unveil range of new products including a “game changer” in the world of Rebreather technology. “New divers are looking for innovative products that are allowing easier, safer and more enjoyable dives” according to Nick Hollis, President of Hollis Gear. Hollis Gear and VR Technology have teamed up to launch the world’s most revolutionary piece of diving equipment since the BC. The Explorer sport rebreather: The Explorer is based on a patented design by Kevin Gurr from VR Technology. The unit is neither a fully closed circuit Rebreather nor a pure semi-closed system, but an intelligent hybrid that utilizes the best of both worlds. It’s compact, lightweight and extremely easy to use. The Explorer is unique in using a single gas; … Read entire article »

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Divetalking looking for experienced contributors

Divetalking is looking for individuals experienced in all things related to the ocean to be experienced contributors to Divetalking. This could be dive professionals who would like to contribute their experiences on techniques, videographers who would like to share their must knows and how to’s. Marine Scientists, biologists, research members and so forth on field observations and studies, artifacts hunters. Any topic that is water and marine related is needed. There are a lot of resources out in the minds of experienced individuals and Divetalking is looking for contributions from anyone willing to spend the time sharing their knowledge and experiences so that others may learn from them. It doesn’t matter what the subject is as long as it relates to our world oceans. With your help and contributions, we can make … Read entire article »

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What does it mean to be a diver?

Why do you dive? How does it make you feel? Post your replys with your ideas. Larry … Read entire article »

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New Years Dive 2o11

If you are interested in a New Years Dive at one or more Florida Springs, 2011 post your interest here or email with the subject: New Years Dive 2o11 You will be updated to time and location as well as attendees. This is usually an over nighter and diving the next day as well. I hope you will make it. Larry Davis … Read entire article »

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divetalking and tritonshall have traded links. Visit tritonshall for articles related to the field of diving and all things related. … Read entire article »

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