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Expansion of US marine protected zone could double world reserves

  By Matt McGrath Environment correspondent, BBC News The US plans to create the world’s biggest marine protected area (MPA) in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The White House will extend an existing protected area, known as the Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument. Fishing and drilling would be banned from an area that could eventually cover two million sq km. The extended zone would double the world’s fully protected marine reserves. Rare species The Pacific Remote Islands Area is controlled by the US and consists of seven scattered islands, atolls and reefs that lie between Hawaii and American Samoa. Essentially uninhabited, the waters that surround these remote islands are home to a wide range of species including corals, seabirds, sharks and vegetation not found anywhere else in the world. In 2009, President Bush declared … Read entire article »

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Whaling in the Antarctic (Australia v. Japan: New Zealand intervening) – Judgment of 31 March 2014

  Today, The International Court of Justice ruling regarding Japanese whaling in the south seas is illegal. “Japan shall revoke any existant authorisation, permit or licence granted in relation to Jarpa II [research programme] and refrain from granting any further permits in pursuance to the programme,”  Peter Tomka, International Court of Justice’s Judge said on Monday. Since 1988 Japan has slaughtered more than 10,000 whales. A victory for the whales and all those who stood to protect them. April 2013, Japan announced its haul from the Southern Ocean was at a record low by “unforgivable sabotage” by activists from the environmental group, Sea Shepherd. Here is the link to the findings It chronilogically outlines the compant, and the courts findings. … Read entire article »

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California Lawmaker to Propose Ban on Orcas in Captivity

If passed, the bill would be the most comprehensive protection law for captive orcas in the United States in more than 40 years.   By David Kirby David Kirby has been a professional journalist for 25 years. His third book, ‘Death at Seaworld,’ was published in 2012. full bio follow me In a surprising move that is sure to send shock waves across the entire captive whale and dolphin industry, a California lawmaker will propose legislation to outlaw Shamu shows at SeaWorld San Diego. State Assemblymember Richard Bloom, D–Santa Monica, will introduce Friday the Orca Welfare and Safety Act, which would make it illegal to “hold in captivity, or use, a wild-caught or captive-bred orca for performance or entertainment purposes.” The bill would also ban artificial insemination of captive killer whales in California and block … Read entire article »

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6 Ways You Can Help Save Captive Killer Whales Right Now

If you’ve ever wondered what one person can do for caged orcas, this is for you.   By David Kirby David Kirby has been a professional journalist for 25 years.   ‘What Can I Do?’   Ever since my book Death At SeaWorld was released, nearly a year ago, I have received countless emails from concerned readers, who were so disturbed by the lives of killer whales in glass and concrete tanks owned by powerful corporations that they wanted to do something to help. But how? Emily Vargo, a Spanish teacher from Maryland, for example, told me about how her father, a former SeaWorld employee, who is now “very critical of the treatment of park animals,” read her excerpts from the book. “I cried and asked him to stop—I couldn’t take it!” she wrote. “I just wanted to write … Read entire article »

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Hollis Recalls Digital Dive Computers Due to Drowning Hazard

Name of product: Hollis DG03 Dive Computers Recall Details Units About 1,000 Description The recall includes Hollis brand DG03 dive computers with serial numbers 100 through 1142 that may be used with integrated transmitters that monitor tank pressure. The round black 2-1/2 inch diameter computer has a digital screen and is worn on the diver’s wrist like a watch. The name of the product, Hollis DG03, is printed on the front of the unit and the serial number is printed on the back of the unit. These computers allow scuba divers to measure the time and depth of a dive. Only dive computers with software labeled Revision 1A, viewed on the computer’s display are included in the recall. Incidents/Injuries Hollis has received two reports of dive computers malfunctioning. No injuries have been reported.   Remedy Consumers should stop using the … Read entire article »

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**ALERT** RECALL DiveAlert Emergency Signaling Devices Recalled by Ideations Due to Drowning Hazard

Consumers should stop using this product unless otherwise instructed. It is illegal to resell or attempt to resell a recalled consumer product. [singlepic id=937 w=320 h=240 float=center] Recall Summary Name of product: DiveAlert and DiveAlert PLUS signaling devices Hazard: The signaling device can malfunction when used and restrict the diver’s air flow, posing a drowning hazard. Recall Details Units About 2,500 Description This recall involves DiveAlert and DiveAlert PLUS scuba dive signaling devices with model numbers DA2, DP2 or DV2. The signaling device is attached to the diver’s buoyancy compensator device (BCD) power inflator/alternate regulator system by a chrome-plated brass coupling and is used to activate a loud surface horn or an underwater percussion noise to alert others in the event of a diver’s emergency. The devices are also used in non-emergencies to get the attention of the pickup boat or … Read entire article »

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Rip Current Awareness Week 2013

Would you know how to identify a Rip Current? How about how to assist someone if you observe them caught in one? Would you know what to do if you were caught in a Rip Current? Click on the link to watch a small video about Rip Current. It could save a life. The Grip of the Rip … Read entire article »

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Manatees Are Dying In Droves, Florida Says ‘Too Bad’

A record number of endangered manatees are dying in Florida’s algae-choked waterways. So far this year, 582 manatees have died, more year-to-date than any year on record, according to preliminary numbers from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC). Pat Rose is an aquatic biologist and the executive director of the Save the Manatee Club, an organization devoted to preserving the animal. In his interview with TakePart, Rose reports the estimated minimum population of these gentle beasts is only 3,100 adults. That means their population has decreased by more than 10 percent in just four months. A total of 247 of these have died in the southwest of the state due to an explosion of a red-hued algae called Karenia brevis, also known as a red tide. This pesky microorganism produces neurotoxins … Read entire article »

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Trident Recalls Hoses

Name of product: High-Pressure Scuba Diving Air Hoses Hazard: The diving hose that connects the regulator to the tank’s pressure gauge can leak, posing a drowning hazard to the user. [singlepic id=926 w=320 h=240 float=none]    [singlepic id=927 w=320 h=240 float=none] Recall Details Units About 200 Description The recalled air hoses are high-pressure scuba air hoses with a black, smooth rubber outer covering. They are about five millimeters in diameter and 32 or 36 inches long. These hoses connect the regulator to the tank pressure gauge. The phrase “Scuba Diving High Pressure hose I.D. 3/16 (4.76 mm) W.P. 5000 PSI Exceeds SAE 100RT braid with Kevlar fiber from Dupont” is printed in white lettering on the hose’s outer covering. The hoses have metal fittings on each end – one female fitting and one male fitting. “CE EN 250 230” is … Read entire article »

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Aqua Lung **Recalls** 110,000 Buoyancy Compensators

This recall involves all Aqua Lung buoyancy compensators with SureLock II rubber handles attached to weight pockets, including the following models: Axiom, Axiom i3, Balance, Black Diamond, Dimension, Libra, Lotus, Pearl, Pearl i3, Pro LT, Pro QD, Pro QDi3 and Zuma buoyancy compensators. The SureLock II handles are gray rubber and measure about 2 inches tall by 4 inches wide. The buoyancy compensator’s model name is embroidered on the inside back pad or the weight pocket’s right lobe. “SureLock” is molded into the back of the weight pocket   The rubber handles can detach as divers are trying to remove the weight pockets to rise to the surface in an emergency. This poses a drowning hazard Sold at sporting goods and scuba diving stores nationwide from September 2008 through September 2012 for between $460 … Read entire article »

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LOGOINN … Ever heard of them? DO NOT USE THEM… DANGER DANGER DANGER DANGER I have spend over three weeks trying to get my money back and they have not submitted any artwork per my order. They submitted their first rendition of artwork for review. Upon review of this artwork, it wasn’t even close to what I submitted. Because the artwork they submitted for review was so far off from my original order, I wrote them asking them to clarify what they received is what I submitted (It was not). I sent them an email reply with the screen shots of their website showing the text I filled in the blanks and an example graphic artwork. (Yes, I took screen shots because I felt something like this would happen and also to have it for future … Read entire article »

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Blue Fin Tuna

[singlepic id=917 w=320 h=240 float=center] TOKYO (AP) — It is the king of sushi, one of the most expensive fish in the world — and dwindling so rapidly that some fear it could vanish from restaurant menus within a generation. Japanese Chefs Remain Calm Over Dwindling Tuna Supply   With the recent $1.76 million sale of a single bluefin tuna in Tokyo, bluefin tuna – the poster child for sustainable seafood – is front page news again. These apex predators fetch such high prices because their populations are too low to support the demand, primarily fueled by the sushi market. Sustainable Alternatives To Bluefin Tuna   Bluefin tuna just can’t catch a break. Weeks after it was reported that overfishing had reduced the Pacific population of the fish, which is popular in sushi bars, by over 96 … Read entire article »

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**** ALERT **** Must See and Comment

This is an island in the ocean about 2000 km from any other coast line. Nobody lives on it, only birds and yet ............... You will not believe your eyes!!!!!!! Post your comments below. What should we do? What should be done? … Read entire article »

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FWC commission trying to pass legislative to close fishery…

Tomorrow is a big day for fishermen who like to eat what they catch. At stake The FWC commission is trying to pass legislative to create a mechanism that grants them the ability to close a fishery to harvest not just for biological reasons but for “marketing purposes”, “tourism strategy” and in effect any personal or political reasons without any scientific justification or checks on their actions. That’s right, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission, Bonefish Tarpon Trust and other special interest groups are trying to push an agenda to classify fish such as Permit and Cobia as Gamefish or Sportfish. Doing so would eliminate harvest for food and turning the fishery in to catch and release only and thus illegal to harvest by spear. Cobia and Permit are great table fair food fish and neither are in jeopardy of over fishing or … Read entire article »

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Rep. Jo Bonner Calls for Action for Gulf Wildlife After Local 15 Investigation

MOBILE, Ala. (WPMI) Congressman Jo Bonner demands Interior Secretary Salazar immediately halt federal policy destroying large numbers of gulf red snapper. In a Local 15 investigation, we uncovered video, secretly taken aboard one of the vessels contracted to blow-up old gas wells in the gulf, killing millions of pounds of fish. Marine scientist Dr. Bob Shipp says this is happening so often, a million and a half pounds of dead snapper is floating to the surface each year. Now Congressman Bonner fired off a letter to Salazar demanding change. In the letter Bonner says, “In an undercover video released today from a rig explosion in the northern gulf, we finally have visual evidence of the devastation caused by this directive.” He goes on to say, “At the same time one federal agency is restricting fishing … Read entire article »

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