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Tribute to Jacques Cousteau

By Joe Romeiro … Read entire article »

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Death of a Deity

A short by Joe Romeiro. Every year, millions of sharks are intentionally slaughtered. Humans are their own worse enemies. Become involved and reject the practice of commercial harvesting of shark, legal or illegal. Learn what you can and are willing and help spread the word. Also read the article The Day All the Sharks Died by Peter Benchley, written in 2002. An interesting perception and observation 10 years ago and how the reality of that perception is being proven true, today. … Read entire article »

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TUFF-E-NUFF to be placed this Sunday January 16, 2011

SUNDAY NORTHEAST WINDS 5 TO 10 KNOTS. SEAS 2 TO 3 FEET. Right now it looks like an early morning departure, perhaps 4-5am EST from Harbor Branch Sunday January 16, 2011. The local and time are not official at the time of this post, just what has been discussed to date. If you or someone you know has a boat and would like to watch and film this event, feel free to contact me for up to date information at CONTACT LARRY. You can get location and time of departure. Sea conditions as of Thursday Jan 13, 2011 18:40pm EST SATURDAY  NORTHEAST WINDS 5 TO 10 KNOTS. SEAS 3 TO 4 FEET. A  LIGHT CHOP ON THE INTRACOASTAL WATERS.  SATURDAY NIGHT  NORTHEAST WINDS 5 TO 10 KNOTS. SEAS 3 TO  4 FEET. MOSTLY SMOOTH ON THE INTRACOASTAL WATERS.  SUNDAY  NORTHEAST WINDS 5 … Read entire article »

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divetalking and tritonshall have traded links. Visit tritonshall for articles related to the field of diving and all things related. … Read entire article »

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ScubaExtreme 2nd Annual Sexy Scuba Calendar Event

2010 is the second year for ScubaExtremes Sexy Scuba Calendar event. Saturday, February 20, 2010 the ScubaExtreme Team, models and friends met at the shop for a day of meeting and greeting the calendar girls. The day was wonderful and the models are fantastic. Visit the ScubaExtreme website for future events at [xr_video id=”cf605494a71c4fd3a6f55781a4635aa3″ size=”sm”] … Read entire article »

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2010’s Crystal River with the Manatees

This was a second trip for me with ScubaExtreme’s annual Crystal River, Manatees trip. Here is a small video of that day. [xr_video id=”7928ea4883a64792a2fcdd568deb2083″ size=”sm”] Larry Davis … Read entire article »

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2010’s Rainbow River Drift

This was the second year I attended the ScubaExtremes annual Rainbow River drift dive. though it rained, I didn’t mind getting wet before the dive. here is a small clip of that days event. [xr_video id=”2d1ea6e3f20344e3bc1340f86de502f4″ size=”sm”] Larry Davis … Read entire article »

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Mona Passage, PR Dec. 26, 2009 – Jan 2, 2010

This trip was an interesting trip. It started on Saturday December 26, 2009. The flight into San Juan, Puerto Rico was uneventful and quite fast. The weather into PR that day was around 80 degrees and the sun was shining. I have about a 5 hour wait for the shuttle to Mayaguez, a three hour ride. One van, my van and the van carrying all the dive gear left the airport at around 6pm for our first stop, the grocery store. There I search for super glue. See, while waiting at the airport, I put my new video camera into the housing to find the housing doesn’t quite work with this new camera. I discover I am only able to turn the camera on/off. No zoom, no macro, no other controls may be reached using the housing mechanism to press the neccessary … Read entire article »

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Ginnie Springs

Dec 5, 2009. A team of Open Water Divers, their instructor, Divemaster Candidate and myself, with video camera made a trip to Ginnie Springs to continue with open water training. It was a perfect day for diving. Cold outside and water temps at 72 degrees. It was warmer in the water than out. There was no one at Ginnie, except a small number of divers. Perhaps 12 divers in all and we had 7 of the 12.  I figured either it was too cold for people to go diving or the Gators game that started at 4pm was the reason. Which ever, we got to dive AND listen to the game on the ride home. Great students! Here is a small clip from that day. [xr_video id=”2acc4e18627a4da29e137a89fb964469″ size=”sm”] Larry Davis … Read entire article »

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Buford Springs, Florida

This dive was a side trip for the grown ups in our group. We were actually in the area to swim with the Manatees and a drift dive down Rainbow river. This was/is one of the most specatular cavern dives I’ve performed. Here is a small video of that trip. [xr_video id=”1b7685f30ce3418b8d55e5001b209906″ size=”sm”] … Read entire article »

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Cay Sal Banks, Bahamas

It is August, 2009. One World Ocean is headed for Cay Sal Banks, Bahamas for a third time. My goal this trip is to film the sharks. In 2006 the last time I visited the Cay Sal Banks one of the dive sites known as Big Hole was filled with sharks. Big Hole is the name of the Big Blue Hole that sits on the West Side of the banks. It is at this blue hole sharks are predominant. In 06′ the sharks were predominant. This year they were not.  A shark was spotted at Lady’s Secret. Lady’s Secret is located on the eastern side of the banks. This shark was tagged, which may be seen on the video. Since the trip did not contain the abundance of sharks I was hoping to find, I decided to begin filming the guests and the sites we dove. Here is the … Read entire article »

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St Croix February 2009

The video you are about to see is of the trip I made to St. Croix February, 2009. [xr_video id=”bc7607c633364139ad9d64d22bbb8653″ size=”sm”] Larry Davis … Read entire article »

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Spike, the new Artificial Reef

It was around October 2008 when I heard about The Spike. There was a calling to see if the owners would be willing to donate her and volunteers to clean her. Between October 2008 and March 2009, very little was heard on the subject of “Spike.” Around mid March 2009, I was brought to see Spike. She was beautiful. Spike is a retired USCG Tender that served Mayport Florida from her commission in 1968 to her decommissioning 1988. The US Coast Guard turned Spike over to Jacksonville’s Safe Harbor Boys Home where she was used as a dormatory and for maritime training. Here I began taking photographs of her before anything changed. To document what would never be again, before it it lost. I also began to video the rooms and compartments, hatches, and passageways. Around April/May 2009 time frame things began to pick … Read entire article »

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