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Cay Sal Banks, Bahamas

Larry Davis

It is August, 2009. One World Ocean is headed for Cay Sal Banks,
Bahamas for a third time. My goal this trip is to
film the sharks. In 2006 the last time I visited the
Cay Sal Banks one of the dive sites known as Big
Hole was filled with sharks.
Big Hole is the name of the Big Blue Hole that sits
on the West Side of the banks. It is at this blue hole
sharks are predominant. In 06′ the sharks were
predominant. This year they were not.  A shark was
spotted at Lady’s Secret.
Lady’s Secret is located on the eastern side of the
banks. This shark was tagged, which may be seen
on the video.

Since the trip did not contain the abundance of
sharks I was hoping to find, I decided to begin
filming the guests and the sites we dove.
Here is the video.

[xr_video id=”56bb349bfc0740ab8a12b685fff55853″ size=”sm”]

Larry Davis

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