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New Housings from Amphibico for Red Epic and Scarlet X Cameras

Amphibico releases new Rouge housing for RED Scarlet X and Epic cinema cameras Amphibico have announced the release of their new Rouge underwater housing for the RED Scarlet X and Epic cinema cameras. [singlepic id=795 w=320 h=240 float=left] This ground breaking project has been the most ambitious project that Amphibico has undertaken in the past 10 years. We are proud to announce and present the new Rouge underwater housing for the RED Scarlet X and Epic cinema cameras. [singlepic id=796 w=320 h=240 float=right] Amphibico’s development team has excelled to a new level, by using dual electronic Amphibi-grips® and menu control panel. This will allow the user access to all the important key controls of the camera keeping in mind total ergonomics and underwater balance. Most of those who are familiar with Amphibico’s products will know … Read entire article »

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My Shark Brief – Cay Sal Banks Bahamas

It has been a few years since I’ve visited Cay Sal Banks, Bahamas. Since Nekton closed it doors, finding a suitable organization that can provide the accommodations and amenities to live comfortably for a week is difficult. I have visited Cay Sal Banks three times. The Cay Sal Banks contains the highest number of blue holes anywhere in the world. My first two visits to Cay Sal was just to dive. I was not into UW Video or Photography, as I am today. The last time I visited Cal Sal, 2009 I brought my HD UW Video rig along to film the sharks. The first two visits, the variety and abundance of sharks was impressive. To be in the water with sharks swimming all around you, some skimming over your head by … Read entire article »

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Speed Dating Fishy Style: How Fish Spawn and When You’re Likely to Catch Them in the Act

From REEF:  Mark your calendars — REEF co-founder and fish behavior expert, Ned DeLoach, will be presenting a Fishinar “Speed Dating Fishy Style: How Fish Spawn and When You’re Likely to Catch Them in the Act” next Wednesday, May 9th at 8PM EST. You don’t want to miss this free webinar. Ned will be showing amazing pictures of fish he has caught in the act of spawning and telling great stories of the many adventures he and Anna have had through the years! Register online here – … Read entire article »

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Show your support by displaying Divetalkings official logo

Show your support by displaying Divetalkings official logo

Displaying the Official Divetalking Logo shows you are committed to marine life conservation, preservation and protection. Contact to have your high resolution logo emailed to you. Display it at your website. Print it on letter head and attach it to emails to let others know you are affiliated with the organization acting as the worlds protagonist in ocean conservation, protection and awareness. Become an official representative today. … Read entire article »

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CGI of Titanic Sinking… 100 Years Ago

James Cameron and his team pull together a new CGI of how they believe the TItanic sank and reached the ocean floor. … Read entire article »

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Killer whale possibly killed by U.S. military explosion

Killer whale possibly killed by U.S. military explosion

Military tests off Washington killed at least one orca, scientist suspects Some U.S. scientists believe a killer whale that washed up off the coast of Washington last month might have been killed by a military explosion. The three-year-old female orca was a member of L-pod, a group that lives in Canadian waters during the summer months. The killer whale’s carcass washed ashore at Long Beach, Wash., Feb. 11. A necropsy found the marine mammal died from highly unusual injuries. ‘Chances … Read entire article »

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The Canon EOS 5D Mark III

The Canon EOS 5D Mark III

After months of rumors and speculation, the next generation of Canon’s most popular pro-level shooter has arrived. On Friday, the company announced details of its long-awaited EOS 5D Mark III DSLR camera. Notable updates are plentiful. There’s a totally new 22.3-megapixel full-frame CMOS sensor (up from 21.1 on the Mark II) with a new photodiode structure that reduces image noise. The ISO range has been improved — the camera gains two stops on the high end … Read entire article »

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Lexar® Professional 1000x CompactFlash® Card

Lexar® Professional 1000x CompactFlash® Card

Leverages UDMA 7 technology to provide industry-leading 1000x (150MB/s) minimum guaranteed sustained read transfer speed* Capture and store high-quality images and 1080p full-HD and 3D video with your DSLR camera Supports VPG-20 for professional-quality video Blazing-fast file transfer from card to computer to dramatically accelerate workflow** Includes downloadable Image Rescue® 4 software to recover lost or deleted photo and video files*** Compatible with UDMA CF and CF devices Free dedicated professional technical support Limited lifetime warranty   Product Literature Where to Buy Ultimate Professional-Level, High-Speed Performance  … Read entire article »

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Diver Rescues Killer Whale

A scuba diver in New Zealand diver has rescued an orca, commonly known as a killer whale, he found trapped in a fisherman’s rope. New Zealand media report the whale had become entangled in a rope attached to a crayfish trap off the coast of Coromandel Peninsula. Diver Rhys Cochrane said the whale did not seem to mind when he swam down to cut the rope and said it swam away quickly once it was freed. He said several other whales had watched from a distance. New Zealand orca expert Ingrid Visser watched the video Cochrane had taken of the experience. She said whales are smart enough to know when you are trying to help them. Visser said she could see bite marks on the whale, indicating other whales had tried to free it. Visser … Read entire article »

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7TH Annual Our World International Underwater Photo & Video Competition

HOSTED BY WETPIXEL & DIVEPHOTOGUIDE.COM The Our World Underwater international underwater photography and video competition, now in its 7th year,  has become one of the biggest and most respected photography competitions in the world. The competition not only celebrates the beauty of the ocean, but the art of underwater photography as well. The OWU competition, together with the DEEP Indonesia competition, are a unique series with a the prize pool of over $100,000. Winners also achieve the glory of being named one of the world’s best underwater photographers, the respect of their peers, and their images will be exposed to millions of readers of dive, travel and photography magazines and websites worldwide. Esteemed judges will include leading professional underwater photographers, cinematographers and magazine editors from around the world. Underwater photographers of all … Read entire article »

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Mexico Dec. 22-31/2011

I start on my way to Orlando at around 6pm EST after making a stop at the dive shop to pick up some more goodies to take to Mexico. I made it to the Wyndham hotel on International drive at around 9:30. This is a nice hotel. Here are some pictures of my room and the view from my room. As I was driving south towards Orlando, I noticed the temperature my dive bag (that would be my Toyota Tundra) was displaying was going up. It was getting hotter outside. At 9:30 pm it was reading 73 degrees F outside. Sweet, I think. But I’m heading to Mexico and the weather for this week shows to be in the 80’s. What a way to spend the Christmas holidays… Diving!!! 🙂 My flight … Read entire article »

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Paradise Springs December 17, 2011

December 17, 2011 will be the last day I dive in the US in 2011. I am heading to Paradise Springs, Saturday Decembr 17, 2011. Paradise Springs is located in Ocala, Florida. It is one of my favorite springs. Nice small opening to get in but once you are in the cavern is huge. Depth is around 100 feet before entering into the cave. 140 in the cave. This is a cavern only invitation to dive this beautiful site. If you have never been and would like to dive with a seasoned diver of this site, please plan on attending by being at the site by 8:00AM Saturday December 17, 2011. Should you have any questions, please feel free to reach me at or visit the contact page at divetalking and phone … Read entire article »

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Converging Concepts 3D

For the last 30 years Marty and Barb Mueller (MSM Design INC.) have been creating fresh solutions to the design and building of motion picture cameras. After winning recognition from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Fulfilling a dream of building 3D cameras for space and then creating a smaller lighter 3D film camera for terrestrial projects, they took a break. Ideas though don’t seem to go on vacation. After a conversation with long time collaborator Sean Phillips, design began on a new light weight, electronically precise adjustable, 3D Rig. Versatile in its controls and the ability to mount many different digital cameras, the new CC3D-GEN I will meet the needs of the creative 3D Filmmaker. Its user friendly, like the people who built it! 12 Reasons You Will … Read entire article »

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BBC Planet Earth/Blue Planet Deep Ocean Creatures

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Meduza S3D Camera System

  The Meduza digital imaging system is much more than just a camera; it’s a whole new way of seeing things differently.  As a new piece of essential film making technology it aspires to provide more flexibility and control to the art of stereoscopic recording than any other system available. Light weight, compact and fully remote controllable the camera is designed to liberate the film maker and release the creative potential in this exciting new medium and across all areas film and television production.  Sport, live action, drama, natural history both for the largest and smallest screens are all supported by Meduza. The Meduza is a completely new and original, built from the ground up camera system designed to provide the very specific tools needed to produce the highest level of matched stereoscopic … Read entire article »

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Peter Jackson Explains “Red Epic” 3D Camera Technology

Peter Jackson is shooting “The Hobbit” at 48 fps, in 3D. Peter is using the Red Epic to produce the 12/2012 version of the Hobbit in 3D. Watch the following video as Peter describes how he is using the Epic to produce The Hobbit. … Read entire article »

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