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Narcosis Found

On November, 18 2012 I receive a notice that Narcosis has been found. [singlepic id=818 w=320 h=240 float=center] Narcosis is a one foot female great white which lives in the Ginnie Cavern. She was introduced to Ginnie Springs in October, 2012 after her sister, Deco went missing. Narcosis is shy and will not bite. She hides in various locations within the Ginnie Spring. On this November day,  while diving the spring, John Kenney discovered Narcosis’ hiding place. Taking a picture to prove he has found her, the picture above as well as a video clip, which the discovery may be found a little over 4 minutes into the video. John had let Narcosis free to find a new hiding place within the Ginnie Cavern for the next adventurous diver to locate. Congratulations to John … Read entire article »

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My Shark Brief – Cay Sal Banks Bahamas

It has been a few years since I’ve visited Cay Sal Banks, Bahamas. Since Nekton closed it doors, finding a suitable organization that can provide the accommodations and amenities to live comfortably for a week is difficult. I have visited Cay Sal Banks three times. The Cay Sal Banks contains the highest number of blue holes anywhere in the world. My first two visits to Cay Sal was just to dive. I was not into UW Video or Photography, as I am today. The last time I visited Cal Sal, 2009 I brought my HD UW Video rig along to film the sharks. The first two visits, the variety and abundance of sharks was impressive. To be in the water with sharks swimming all around you, some skimming over your head by … Read entire article »

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Show your support by displaying Divetalkings official logo

Show your support by displaying Divetalkings official logo

Displaying the Official Divetalking Logo shows you are committed to marine life conservation, preservation and protection. Contact to have your high resolution logo emailed to you. Display it at your website. Print it on letter head and attach it to emails to let others know you are affiliated with the organization acting as the worlds protagonist in ocean conservation, protection and awareness. Become an official representative today. … Read entire article »

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Stop the sale of Shark in a bottle

Stop the sale of Shark in a bottle

It has just come to our attention, sharks are being sold in a bottle. This is not a new thing from what we are finding. Yet today, after growing in knowledge and understanding of the need to protect what we humans feel we may neglect, it is imperative that we voice our objection to the commercialization and industrialization through proliferation of a species to its extinction. Here is one example:   eBay Please do not let this happen, ANYWHERE. Contact … Read entire article »

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Shark fin soup to blame for blue shark decline

Shark fin soup to blame for blue shark decline

by Tamera Jones hey discovered that the sharks feed in exactly the same places in the ocean that long-line fishing boats operate, which means they get caught along with other target fish. The researchers add that such regions are ideal places to implement so-called marine protected areas, where fishing is banned, to safeguard blue sharks and other vulnerable species. ‘These sharks aren’t simply by-catch; we think along with mako sharks they’re being targeted for the shark fin market … Read entire article »

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New Sighting on DECO, the Great White

New Sighting on DECO, the Great White

On March 7, 2012 Divetalking received a new report. Marissa Lasso, Manager at Cave Country Dive Shop located in High Springs Florida along with fellow cave diver Kristi Bernot found DECO in the Devils Eye. Marissa writes “We found your little sharky friend in the devils eye last night at Ginnie Springs! — with Kristi Bernot” Speaking with Marissa on the phone, she states that she and Kristi were both heading out of the eye when … Read entire article »

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Great Whites found at Ginnie Springs AND Devils Den

Great Whites found at Ginnie Springs AND Devils Den

Divetalking received an email reporting DECO has been found! Attached to the email was this picture of Chris holding DECO. Attached with the picture was the following message: “Found this little guy in the ballroom in Ginnie springs, placing another shark my Dive Buddy found in Devils Den.” The individuals who found DECO are being rewarded for the find. Congratulations to the team who found her. Chris just reported that the dive team found TWO Great Whites. The … Read entire article »

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Name the Great White

Saturday January 28, 2012 – Thursday March 1, 2012 Description: Four Great Whites are on their way to Florida. One of the four Great Whites has been named NARCOSIS. The three remaining Great Whites need a name. Register your suggestion for a name and if the name you submitted is the first of that name submitted and selected, you will win one of many prizes being given away by Divetalking. When the names of the sharks have a name, they will reside at one of many springs around the state of Florida. It will be you and your friends task to find them to win more prizes from Divetalking. Once the sharks are placed, a post to their location as to which spring they decided to take up residency will be made. Good Luck! Register (Closed) … Read entire article »

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An informative video about sharks and shark finning

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Application allows one to track ocean wonderers

by Andrea Mustain, OurAmazingPlanet Staff Writer Whither do the great animals of the ocean wander? And when? Thanks to high-tech gadgetry and a decade of work, an answer has begun to emerge — one that has revealed two vast “grasslands” of the Pacific Ocean that rival the Serengeti in the riotous diversity of species that converge there, scientists say. In the largest study of its kind ever attempted, scientists affixed tracking tags to 23 of the ocean’s top predators and spied on their whereabouts — sometimes within a few meters accuracy and in real time — over the course of 10 years. The Tagging of Pacific Predators Project (TOPP) kicked off in 2000, and published its findings this week in the journal Nature. The project is part of the Census of Marine Life, … Read entire article »

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Hybrid sharks found in Australian waters

SCIENTISTS have found the world’s first hybrid sharks in Australian waters.   57 hybrids found in waters along east coast They are cross between two distinct species A sign sharks are adapting to climate change Leading researchers in marine biology discovered 57 animals along a 2000 km stretch from Queensland to NSW. The predators are a cross between the common blacktip shark and Australian blacktip shark, two related but genetically distinct species. The scientists say interbreeding between the two shark species is a sign the animals are adapting to climate change. They also warn that hybridisation could make the sharks stronger. Dr Jennifer Ovenden, of the Queensland Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries, said: “Hybridization could enable the sharks to adapt to environmental change as the smaller Australian black tip currently favours tropical waters in the north while the … Read entire article »

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Mexico Dec. 22-31/2011

I start on my way to Orlando at around 6pm EST after making a stop at the dive shop to pick up some more goodies to take to Mexico. I made it to the Wyndham hotel on International drive at around 9:30. This is a nice hotel. Here are some pictures of my room and the view from my room. As I was driving south towards Orlando, I noticed the temperature my dive bag (that would be my Toyota Tundra) was displaying was going up. It was getting hotter outside. At 9:30 pm it was reading 73 degrees F outside. Sweet, I think. But I’m heading to Mexico and the weather for this week shows to be in the 80’s. What a way to spend the Christmas holidays… Diving!!! 🙂 My flight … Read entire article »

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Bali – Alarming Shark Hunts

Desy Nurhayati The Jakarta Post Marine scientists have announced that shark hunting in waters offshore Bali and surrounding areas has reached an alarming rate, threatening the animal’s population. Ketut Sarjana Putra, marine director of Conservation International Indonesia (CII), said on Tuesday that the massive catches had taken place in the waters around Nusa Penida, some six kilometers to the north of the island and around the Tulamben area. “Many shark species are endangered, and this excessive degree of hunting could threaten their population, as most of the sharks that are caught are adult females,” he said. He explained that the hunt did not target certain species of sharks. However, the primary species that is targeted around Bali is the thresher shark. Several months ago, a team from CII held a marine survey in waters around Bali. During their 200 hours of diving, they only found three sharks. It … Read entire article »

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Greenland Shark

A daredevil photographer went to extraordinary lengths to photograph these rarely seen sharks, which look like they have been etched from stone. These incredible Greenland sharks can survive for more than 200 years at depths of up to 600 metres under Arctic ice. Bigger than the notorious great white, they grow to 23-feet long and are so fearsome they have even been known to eat polar bears. They live further north than any other shark species and can swim in waters where temperatures plummet to just one degree celsius. Doug Perrine had a close encounter with the elusive creatures when they ventured into the warmer waters of the St Lawrence River in North America, hunting for food. The sharks usually eat large seals but have even been known to polish off polar bears and reindeer. But … Read entire article »

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Taiwan Tightens Laws on Shark Finning, But Not Enough…

  Laws Need Teeth   Despite being top predators in marine ecosystems, sharks are more victims than anything else. Industrial fishing is killing millions of them each year, and some species have declined in numbers by more than 90% according to researchers (for example, hammerheads have declined by more than 99% in the Mediterranean). In some places, especially China, soup made with shark fins is considered a delicacy, so to feed that billion dollar industry, sharks are caught, their fins are cut off, and their bodies are thrown back into the water to die slowly. Is anyone doing anything about this before shark populations collapse and their extinction brings marine ecosystems more out of whack than they already are?   The government of Taiwan is trying to do something, but let’s hope if won’t be … Read entire article »

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Shark fin soup disappearing from the menu at Chinese weddings

Couples marrying in Hong Kong and mainland China swayed by conservation groups’ campaign to ban shark trade Justin McCurry in Hong Kong,             Thursday 10 November 2011 12.06 EST Chinese couples who have chosen Friday – 11/11/11 – one of the most auspicious days of the year to exchange their wedding vows, could be among the last to mark the occasion by feasting on shark fin soup, if environmental groups get their way. As the wedding parties scoop pieces of the slippery, glutinous flesh from bowls of broth, they will not just be respecting tradition; they will also be defying a growing campaign to ban the trade in shark fin that has now spread to its most lucrative market, Hong Kong. It is easy to see during a short walk through Sheung Wan, a … Read entire article »

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