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Interpol Issue Warrant For Paul Watsons Arrest

At the Request of Costa Rica, Interpol as issued a Red Notice for the arrest of Paul Watson, founder of Sea Shepherd organization. An organization whose efforts are to save the whales from Japanese Hunting.


Legal status

Present family name : WATSON
Sex : Male
Date of birth : 02/12/1950 (61 years old)
Place of birth : TORONTO , Canada
Language spoken : English
Nationality : Canada, United states


Categories of Offences : Life and health, Fugitives, Life and health
Wanted by : Costa rica


Read more at the Sea Shepards web site by clicking HERE

Other articles describing the association of Costa Rica and Shark Finning

Sharks, Drugs, Lies, and Corruption in Costa Rica

February (1992): The Sea Shepherd II and the Edward Abbey depart from Key West, Florida, via the Panama Canal and bound for Cocos Island off the coast of Costa Rica. Upon arrival at the island, a number of poachers are discovered. The Sea Shepherd II, under the command of Captain John Huntermer, and the Edward Abby, under the command of Captain Watson, evict the poachers with water cannons, pie cannons, stink bombs, and paintball guns. Video of the poachers is sent to the authorities in Costa Rica.

Cooperation with Costa Rica (2002) In April 2002, the Government of Costa Rica invited Sea Shepherd to assist in patrolling for poachers around Cocos Island. The group and Costa Rica had negotiated an agreement for this work which was due to be finalised on April 30, 2002.[6] On April 22, the Farley Mowat (formerly the Ocean Warrior),[7] captained by Paul Watson, was en route to the island when it came across the Varadero I which the group alleges was poaching sharks. The authorities were contacted and Sea Shepherd was told to bring the ship in. The Farley Mowat forced the other vessel into a nearby Guatemalan port with the use of pressure hoses, and in the altercation, the two vessels collided, causing some damage to the Varadero I.[8]

Subsequently, Watson was charged with attempted shipwrecking and murder by the fishermen. These charges were dropped on April 29 by the prosecutor when footage of the incident taken by a documentary team aboard the Farley Mowat was shown. Footage of the event can be seen in the film Sharkwater. The prosecutor was reported to have found no evidence of any wrongdoing.[8][9] A new prosecutor was later appointed to repursue the charges and Watson’s lawyer advised he leave the country.[8] Local environmental groups argue that fishing interests opposed to marine conservation were behind the legal proceedings.[6]

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This is one of the major reasons why you will never fin this diver, photographer, conservationist ever going to or leading a group to Costa Rica. I will not contribute any money onto the Costa Rica local economy while, through lack of action, they display and promote this kind of reckless, unconscionable acts.


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