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Diver Lost in Cozumel March 28, 2012

On March 28, 2012 while diving Santa Rosa, Cristina Cassin fails to surface during an aborted dive. Currents have gotten strong and the dive was aborted. Upon surfacing, Cristina was not with the group. A call over the radio was made. Search and recovery is still occuring at this time.

Here is the english translation for the link below.

COZUMEL, March 28. – He lost a foreign tourist who was diving on the reef of Santa Rosa. The woman was with a group of divers when he made the sign that was to emerge to the surface, which he did, however, when the group ended the tour and got into the boat that carried them, the crew noticed that she was not .
Escalante Genaro Medina, chief officer of Federal Maritime Ward (Remafe) of the Port Authority, announced that the tourist by the name of Cristina Cassin, 49, is an American, arrived in the island at 07:30 Wednesday morning cruise aboard Celebrity Equinox which docked at the port terminal SSA Mexico.
Preliminarily reported that “foreign bought a dive trip to the company ‘Sand Dollar’, and on board the vessel ‘Sand Dollar Express, broke in with a group of tourists at this time which I have not the amount of were few. What we have at the moment is that Cristina Cassin, was diving at ten o’clock in Santa Rosa, about a kilometer from the coast in the south of the island at a depth of ten meters, when at 10 : 10 decides to come to the surface, the dive master or dive instructor realizes this, get to see, however, the crew of the boat that traveled did not see, and at the end of the dive, the dive master up to the boat by asking for it and was not on board. ”
At that moment was part of the Harbor Master via marine band radio channel 16, is triangulated the report to the Naval Sector of Cozumel, and began the search until 19 pm on Wednesday did not yield positive results.
The respondent said, “to appear was the negligence of the crew of the boat not to be aware of the bubble trail left by divers when they are in the sea, it seems, take into account that the dive lasts 40 to 50 minutes and when they will meet that time is when the crew was concerned about being close to the bubble to help divers when they come to the surface. ”
Do not know what was the reason why Cassin Cristina decided to come to the surface, but considers that the priority is to find it and then lifted the corresponding minutes.
In search intercepting two boats joined the Naval Sector, a launch of the Port Authority of type “Zodiac”, two boats of the Marine Park, and a helicopter AMHT enrollment 209, the Secretary of the Navy of Mexico.
The status of the foreign is missing, the phase of the current search is considered active until the daylight lasts 72 hours and then, if it is not you enter the passive phase, ie the operation is interrupted and only wait for the body landfall somewhere along the coast.
He said the exploration of the operating radius is to the north of Santa Rosa, and have seen “in the search pattern is very strong currents, in which a person can be dragged 200 meters in a minute.”
He says that the vessel involved is participating in the search and continue until 72 hours, if that does not appear during that time, we will report to the judicial authorities and take appropriate action depending on how it happened, the situation may fincar responsibility the owner of the vessel and / or dive guide or dive master.
He concluded that loss is the second of its kind in Cozumel so far this year.

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