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Manta Ray filmed off Jacksonville

This film clip of a manta ray was taken Friday October 22, 2010 off the coast of Jacksonville Florida.

The divers reported the scale was at least a 20 foot wing span.  This is a first. I never knew they came this close to our coast line.

October 22, 2010, a Friday to remember for these divers who not only saw the Manta Ray but filmed her. The TISIRI team was once again working on the environment. Out collecting trash as part of a grant by West Marine. The days events were being documented on film. Joe Kistel, as the last diver to enter the water explains the story to me like this: I was just about the enter the water when Ed pops up yelling “hey big bam rayjama smellow.” The captain and I staired at each other with a chill running down the spine, believing something had happened down below. We didn’t understand a word Ed just yelled. You can tell Ed was excited. Then Ed yells again “There a hugh frog ray down below.” Not knowing what Ed was so excited about I hurried into the water and headed down, to find nothing. About a minute later I hear yelling and I turn to see this, said Joe Kistel, TISIRI.

Joe goes on to say: “I followed it for maybe 5 minutes. I would have followed longer and farther but with the limited visibility and we are here to work, I stopped filming after about 5 minutes. You could see her shadow come around, in the background, circling around the site as we continued to work. Very Kewl!

In the six years I have lived in this city, this is the first report I have heard of a Manta Ray being spotted, less filmed off the shores of Jacksonville, Florida.

Reporting almost live from TISIRI HQ,


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  1. Bill says:

    Wish I was there! What a site it must have been!

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