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See Turtles!

Sea Turtle Identification Guide  From Monique Mancilla and Daniel Ponce-Taylor  [singlepic id=669 w=320 h=240 float=center] Sea turtles are an almost common sight while diving. We like watching them, following them and admiring them. Those who carry a camera like to take pictures and hoping for that perfect angle. Those with a video camera like to film their majestic movements. While we see them from time to time, do we know how to identify the species when found? Here is bit of terminology to assist you in honing your turtle identification skills! Identifying Features of Sea Turtles: • Carapace: The upper part of the shell • Plastron: The underside of the shell protecting the belly • Scutes: The scales on the shell and body • Dorsal Ridges: The longitudinal ridges running down the top of the upper shell • Beak: The mouth To … Read entire article »

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