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When to service your scuba equipment

Divers, it’s that time again, when ever that time may be. Our once a year servicing of our life support equipment. Equipment such as Regulators, cylinders, guages, batteries, bulbs., logbooks, etc. It’s a good time to restock on misc. items you need to keep on hand for field repairs. I nice tackle box will do.

Some say you should service your equipment just before you begin to use it again. This way the time the parts are used is when the equipment will be used the most.

Some believe equipment should be serviced after its completion from use. This way it is stored in good clean working order and ready for when you need it.

Which ever it may be, before or after, servicing your equipment following the manufacturers recommended servicing schedule is very important. Not just to your life, for the warrantee of the equipment you invested money in to and come to trust, with your life.

You decide. Should service of equipment be performed Before Storage or should service be performed After Storage?

When do you get your gear serviced?

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One Response to "When to service your scuba equipment"

  1. lars2923 says:

    Service it before storing, have it inspected before first use.

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