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Contributors Wanted

Divetalking is looking for a talented contributors to share their knowledge and creativity

We will be choosing featured contributors who have experience writing articles, enjoy writing, have a unique perspective and are engaged in the aquatic world. We are looking for regional contributors. By regional we mean local to an area somewhere around the world. As an example, if you live in or around Australia, you would cover points of interest that cover Australia, New Zealand and other surrounding areas. Same for the contributor that lives in and around Indonesia, Philippines, Maldives, Japan, europe, etc.

We are looking for contributors around the world that will keep the audience informed of events occurring around their region of the world.

Topics of Interest

A small list of interests related to the oceans and waterways in your area contributors would write articles on:

Local events
and more.

If you are interested, send 2 to 4 paragraph example of your writing, on any subject to be considered to the following email address:

Include a photo or two in your article to support the subject. Write the article as though you are submitting one for post approval.

We are glad you are interested in the opportunity and we look forward to receiving your submission.

– Editor

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