A Quick Survey to help us understand our audience

Please complete as many of the questions as accurately as possible. Your answers help us understand our audience that allows us bring topics with interests suited towards your level of experiences and interests.

How long have you been a certified diver?

Select the Year Range if the number of years you wre certified falls within the range.

Please tell us which certifing agency you earned your Open Water certification from?

ie. PADI, SDI, SSI, NAUI, etc..

When was the last time you went diving?

Do you feel a refresher course in diving would be prudent for you

You feel you have been away long enough and want to get back into diving

Which type of diving do you prefer?

Select the answers that best fits your style of diving

Which do you prefer?

How many dives do you have under your belt?

What is the total number of dives you made to date?

Based on your answer above, how many of those dives have you logged

By logged in written form either in a book (pen/pencil) or digital format

Do you hold a Nitrox Certification

What is your gender

Are you rescue certified

Or your organizations equivalent

Are you CPR Certified

Do you hold a current CPR Certification

What is your highest certification?

What is your age

Which equipment do you own

Select all that apply

Do you carry an underwater Camera

Which area of the world do you prefer to dive

Select all that apply

How do you prefer to travel

Select the one choice that best meets your travel comfort

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