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Recreational Dive Planner, RDP Quiz

Understanding of the RDP - A walk through

This multiple choice quiz is to test your knowledge and understanding of the Recreational Dive Planner, RDP.

Questions will cover the tables, their purpose and ask a series of questions on the use of the RDP.

At the end, your total will be displayed as a percentage of what you have answered correctly.

This quiz is for entertainment purposes only and should not be use to base dives or a substitute for proper training.

The quiz presumes you are beginning your first dive of the day and progresses from there.

You will need to know the answer to the question being asked before moving onto the next question.

The next question may depend on knowing what the answer to the previous question is.

You may take the quiz as many times as you like.

Use the Hints button to get a hint that may lead you towards the correct answer

After submitting your answer by clicking on the Next Exercise button, you will know if you got the answer correct or not.

If you answered incorrectly, click on the View Questions button to see what the correct answer is.

Required Recommended material, an Imperial RDP.

Recommended material, paper, pencil and a straight edge.


Leaderboard: Understanding of the RDP - A walk through

maximum of 100 points
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