Cozumel Mexico lion fish harvest

So far two days into the trip. Sunday we went out to sea to snorkel with Whalesharks. They were humongous! Totally impressive. Today, Monday morning first started out with me slipping on wet concrete and my toe is all blue. Bummer for me. Can’t catch a break. This morning two dives we harvested 49 lion fish, this afternoon and captured lion fish were released. The first one was snatched up by a spotted moray. I didn’t even see the moray under the coral. It surprised me but I caught it on film. The next capture, kill and release, a trigger fish approached but a mutton snapped up the lion fish right in front of the trigger. I caught that on film. The mutton were All excited and followed us everywhere. We found another lion fish, caught and killed it, then released it into the water column. I filmed and a mutton snatched up the lion fish. Caught that on film too. We just returned from dinner where we ate the lion fish we caught in ceveche form. My favorite way of eating lion fish. We also ate the lion fish kabob style and fried with butter and garlic. We also ate grouper ceveche’ i must say what a fantastic first two days. Next three days are just diving and on Friday the cenotes. I think my throat is tingling. Must be the lion fish 🙂

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