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The saga continues and TUFF-E-NUFF is proving to be TUFF but not E-NUFF for Joe Kistel, Ed Kalakauskis and I, Larry Davis. The three of us made TUFF-E-NUFF our home this past weekend. What a cleaning she got. Cutting more wires than we cared to, we cut and cut, pulled, snipped, sawed, unbolted, tugged, snipped and a few choice words.

Here are some of the pictures from this past weekends, 12/4-5/2010 efforts.

The slideshow

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The images.

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Individual pictures I thought I would elaborate to give you the sense of the reasons why the pictures exist.

This first picture is the view the three of us had as we disembark TUFF-E-NUFF. The joke was unless we get back to shore before the sun sets, we’ll have to use our little lamp (the one worn on the forehead) as our running light!

TUFF-E-NUFF as we round her Starboard side.

With Joe at the Helm and his trusty side kick Ed manning the steering, we safely make it back to shore, again! We made it back with enough light not to use the lamp and unload our gear from our boat.

You are looking aft, down the port side of the engine compartment. This is the way we leave TUFF-E-NUFF for the night.

This shot is of the Starboard side, looking aft of the engine compartment.

I was on the main deck and peered through this hole Ed made in the deck, for lighting. Ed is working at taking the nuts off the cap on a very large storage tank. We are doing this to take a peek inside and make sure there is not anything in there that would harm the environment.

We discovered approximately 20 square feet of petroleum. (7.48 gal / sq ft.)( 20 sq ft * 7.48 ) or approximately 150 gallons of diesel.  We will pump the diesel out first thing in the morning. We found a willing recipient for this good diesel.

This shot is of the compartment just forward of the engine room. It’s pretty much cleaned up. Some minor things remain, like a couple of ladders and we’ll remove those of course.

The most forward compartment, the fo’c’sle was used for storage. You can see the lines hanging at the bow side of the compartment. Look at that bulkhead. How pristine is appears after 105 years.

The picture seen next is looking forward, starboard side, from the most aft portion of the engine compartment.

Monday, December 6, 2010 the barge is being moved away from TUFF-E-NUFF and the tug is being moved to deeper water, where she will remain for today’s scheduled US Coast Guard inspection to ready her for movement towards Port St. Lucie, Florida.

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