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Made a trip out to Georgia today to visit Tuff-E-Nuff. TISIRI was onsite and I wanted to film some of the vessel and the work being performed. At around 5:00pm we get the news the method we were going to use to place the tug on dry land is broken. It will take a month to get it repaired. All worked stopped, things were packed up and we left the vessel. We must now find a way to get her to a location which she can be prepared as an artificial reef. We may loose this vessel. There are creative alternatives and we will pursue all avenues.

Show your support. Donate anything to our cause. It can be time, you can donate someone elses time 🙂 , money is always helpful, equipment, tools, boats, trucks, pumps, dive gear, photography/videography equipment, computers, software, the list goes on.

Thanks for hanging in there. I’ll have some more videos and posts soon.

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