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Show your support by displaying Divetalkings official logo

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Killer whale possibly killed by U.S. military explosion

Killer whale possibly killed by U.S. military explosion

Military tests off Washington killed at least one orca, scientist suspects Some U.S. scientists believe a killer whale that washed up off the coast of Washington last month might have been killed by a military explosion. The three-year-old female orca was a member of L-pod, a group that lives in Canadian waters during the summer months. The killer whale’s carcass washed ashore at Long Beach, Wash., Feb. 11. A necropsy found the marine mammal died from highly unusual injuries. ‘Chances … Read entire article »

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On March 2, 2012, Divetalking posted Petition Amazon To Ban the sale of Whale/Dolphin Today, Internet giant has now officially banned the sale of all whale and dolphin products from its wholly owned Japanese website, following global outrage that these products were offered for sale. Amazon confirmed the prohibition on its main website by adding language under the Food and Beverage section that prohibits “Products containing shark, whale, or dolphin” and Amazon’s Japanese website contains a similar ban on selling whale and dolphin products. The Environmental Investigation Agency and Humane Society International revealed last month that Amazon Japan not only sold products from endangered and protected whale species, but also products containing dangerous levels of mercury. In response, Amazon withdrew all whale products from Amazon Japan within 24 hours, but declined to … Read entire article »

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Petition Amazon To Ban the sale of Whale/Dolphin

Last week, public outcry forced to pull over one hundred whale and dolphin meat products from its Japanese site. Consumers were outraged that the world’s largest online retailer supported the killing of whales and dolphins — and listened. But now, is refusing to put a permanent ban in place to protect these animals in the future. Melissa Sehgal, an customer, is in Taiji, Japan — the site of an annual dolphin hunt that was exposed in the documentary The Cove. Every day she is witnessing how dolphins are captured and killed, and she wants to help stop it. That’s why Melissa started a petition calling on Amazon to never again sell meat from dolphins and whales. Click here to sign Melissa’s petition asking to permanently ban whale, dolphin, and porpoise meat … Read entire article »

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Diver Rescues Killer Whale

A scuba diver in New Zealand diver has rescued an orca, commonly known as a killer whale, he found trapped in a fisherman’s rope. New Zealand media report the whale had become entangled in a rope attached to a crayfish trap off the coast of Coromandel Peninsula. Diver Rhys Cochrane said the whale did not seem to mind when he swam down to cut the rope and said it swam away quickly once it was freed. He said several other whales had watched from a distance. New Zealand orca expert Ingrid Visser watched the video Cochrane had taken of the experience. She said whales are smart enough to know when you are trying to help them. Visser said she could see bite marks on the whale, indicating other whales had tried to free it. Visser … Read entire article »

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Application allows one to track ocean wonderers

by Andrea Mustain, OurAmazingPlanet Staff Writer Whither do the great animals of the ocean wander? And when? Thanks to high-tech gadgetry and a decade of work, an answer has begun to emerge — one that has revealed two vast “grasslands” of the Pacific Ocean that rival the Serengeti in the riotous diversity of species that converge there, scientists say. In the largest study of its kind ever attempted, scientists affixed tracking tags to 23 of the ocean’s top predators and spied on their whereabouts — sometimes within a few meters accuracy and in real time — over the course of 10 years. The Tagging of Pacific Predators Project (TOPP) kicked off in 2000, and published its findings this week in the journal Nature. The project is part of the Census of Marine Life, … Read entire article »

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Divetalking looking for experienced contributors

Divetalking is looking for individuals experienced in all things related to the ocean to be experienced contributors to Divetalking. This could be dive professionals who would like to contribute their experiences on techniques, videographers who would like to share their must knows and how to’s. Marine Scientists, biologists, research members and so forth on field observations and studies, artifacts hunters. Any topic that is water and marine related is needed. There are a lot of resources out in the minds of experienced individuals and Divetalking is looking for contributions from anyone willing to spend the time sharing their knowledge and experiences so that others may learn from them. It doesn’t matter what the subject is as long as it relates to our world oceans. With your help and contributions, we can make … Read entire article »

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Secret dealing on whale hunts

Daniel Flitton and Philip Dorling January 4, 2011 AUSTRALIA was secretly prepared to cut a deal with Japan to accept a continued whale hunt even though it publicly moved to haul Tokyo before an international court over its ”scientific” whaling program. US diplomatic cables obtained by WikiLeaks reveal that Australia was willing to compromise with Japan as late as last February but that any deal must result in a much lower level of whaling and exclude the hunt from waters near Antarctica. A compromise under which Japan would kill 5000 fewer whales over 10 years – provided larger varieties such as humpback and fin whales were not taken and loopholes to allow so-called scientific whaling were closed – was discussed. Advertisement: Story continues below The disclosures come … Read entire article »

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