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RDP Plus – Calculating Surface Interval

You may have read the post on Calculating your No Decompression Limit, NDL and are here to learn more of what the RDP can do. Better stated, what you can do with your RDP! Note, even though electronic versions of the RDP are available, they are too simplified when compared to walking through the tables. The results of the two when compared should be very similar. Besides, they are electronic and didn’t I mention something about electronics going out and reverting back to the tables in my previous post? Ah huh.. So let’s move on. RDP Plus take the basics of calculating your No Decompressiong Limits and shows others ways to use your RDP. For example, to calculate the amount of surface time needed to support another dive to a specific depth for a specific amount of time. Let’s take a look … Read entire article »

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Calculating No Decompression Limit, NDL

Calculating No Decompression Limit, NDL

We will start with the DSAT Air Tables. simply known as the Recreational Dive Planner, RDP. Using your DSAT Air Table, position the card so it looks like what you see above. Dive tables, what are they? Why do they exist? Why do I need to understand how to use a dive table? If I have and use a computer, do I still need to know how to use a dive table? Dive tables may be found in many forms. They may be … Read entire article »

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