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Utila Honduras

Saturday August 4, 2012 – Saturday August 11, 2012 | Register Description: 8 day, 7 night all inclusive Utila Honduras excursion. Arriving August 4, 2012 and depart August 11, 2012. Utila is one of the best diving destination in Central America. If you never been you will like the variety of aquatic life in the area. A very layed back island where rest and relaxation is the norm. It will slow you down. Please join us for this August adventure by signing up while space is available. View more detail the Utila Honduras link. Register … Read entire article »

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My missing cat is returned

When I posted my cat was missing, I never would have imagined her return turning out like this! [singlepic id=348 w=540 h=280 float=center] … Read entire article »

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USS Arthur W Radford placed as artificial reef

PHILADELPHIA — Scrap by massive, metallic scrap, the pieces are being hauled away, leaving only the spine of a skeleton ship that served the U.S. Navy for 26 years. But her old, gray bones will soon begin a new life below the surface. The USS Arthur W. Radford, a 563-foot destroyer that was last deployed for Operation Enduring Freedom, is set to become the longest vessel ever reefed in the Atlantic Ocean when it is sunk this month at a site 28.5 nautical miles southeast of Cape May Point. The reefing of the ship, currently docked at the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard, is expected to create an explosive habitat for fish and marine life for anglers and an underwater playground for divers eager for discovery. And the state says the ship will be safe harbor … Read entire article »

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Death of a Deity

A short by Joe Romeiro. Every year, millions of sharks are intentionally slaughtered. Humans are their own worse enemies. Become involved and reject the practice of commercial harvesting of shark, legal or illegal. Learn what you can and are willing and help spread the word. Also read the article The Day All the Sharks Died by Peter Benchley, written in 2002. An interesting perception and observation 10 years ago and how the reality of that perception is being proven true, today. … Read entire article »

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New Artificial Reef off NE Florida.

July 21, 2011 off the coast of Flagler County, just south of St. Augustine Florida, over 500 tons of concrete was placed as one of NE floridas newest artificial reef. You may see pictures and video of that days deployement at the TISIRI website. … Read entire article »

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Beechcraft Hawker plunges into Athens Scuba Park

The Athens Scuba park was one of my old stomping grounds when I lived in Dallas, Texas. Athens is about an hour SE from Dallas. I first learned of Athen Scuba Park in 1995 while visiting Athens, Texas. Since then until my departure from Texas in 2004, I visited the park extensively to perform training. Here is an article on a new plane just placed in the park made by scuba divers for scuba divers. Athens — It was a new experience in most localities for Memorial Day. Athens Scuba Park plummeted a 14-passenger jet into its crystal clear lake, Saturday, May 28 at noon. Calvin Wilcher, who owns the park with his wife, Shannon, said the plane  was transported  to the lake from an airplane salvage yard in … Read entire article »

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‘Million-dollar sharks’ a boon to eco-tourism

A single reef shark can be worth nearly two million dollars in tourism revenue over its lifetime, according to a study released Monday by researchers in Australia. The analysis from the Pacific island nation of Palau shows that sharks — hunted worldwide for their fins, a Chinese delicacy — are worth many times more to some local economies alive than dead. “Sharks can literally be a ‘million-dollar’ species and a significant economic driver,” said lead author Mark Meekan, a scientist at the Australian Institute of Marine Science. “Our study shows that these animals can contribute far more as a tourism resource than as a catch target,” he said in a statement. Sharks have reigned at the top of the ocean food chain for hundreds of millions of years. But because they mature slowly and produce … Read entire article »

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REEF – Making it count April 2011

Making It Count – April 2011 Putting It to Work: REEF Scientist Participates in Key Workshop By Christy Pattengill-Semmens, Ph.D., Director of Science In addition to maintaining the REEF Survey database and providing data files to scientists, government agencies, and other groups, REEF staff participate in a variety of scientific conferences and workshops each year. Earlier this month, REEF’s Director of Science, Dr. Christy Pattengill-Semmens, participated in “Engaging and Learning for Conservation”. Christy and 49 others were invited to the workshop to discuss ways to enhance biodiversity conservation and environmental stewardship through public participation in scientific research (PPSR). PPSR encompasses citizen science and other programs where the public is involved in one or more phases of scientific research. With support from the National Science Foundation, the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology, a leader in … Read entire article »

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Shark Feeding

I read commercials from operators that offer opportunities for adventures where they feed the sharks while you watch and film. I am an advocate for NO shark feeding, or feeding of any kind. Because of that, I will not participate with that operator so not to promote or encourage the continuation of feeding. Human feeding of wild life is not in the best interest to both us and them. Darwin believed that any interaction with wildlife will embed that interaction into the genome of the creature and that memory will be passed to future generations. Should we be associating food from humans as a way to get a meal? How does that affect the ability to hunt when habit has them coming to humans for their next, easy meal? What are your thoughts? … Read entire article »

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